All specifications and information in this website are subject to change without prior notice.
The products listed in the catalogue are intended for use as general electronic components in standard applications (e.g.: Consumer electronic, Computer equipment, Office equipment, etc.), and not recommended for use in a high specific application where a failure or malfunction of the device could result in human injury or death (e.g.: Aerospace equipment, Submarine cables, Combustion equipment, Safety devices, Life support systems, etc.)
For the actual design-in stage, please take care to obtain the latest publications of datasheet, etc. for the most updated specifications of the product.
Diode & Bridge Rectifiers
Fast Recovery Rectifiers
RGL34A 	RGL34B 	RGL34D 	RGL34G 	RGL34J 		
1F1 	1F2 	1F3 	1F4 	1F5 	1F6 	1F7 
1F1G 	1F2G 	1F3G 	1F4G 	1F5G 	1F6G 	1F7G 
1N4933 	1N4934 	1N4935 	1N4936 	1N4937 		
1N4933G 	1N4934G 	1N4935G 	1N4936G 	1N4937G 		
			BA157 	BA158 		BA159 
FR101 	FR102 	FR103 	FR104 	FR105 	FR106 	FR107 
FR101G 	FR102G 	FR103G 	FR104G 	FR105G 	FR106G 	FR107G 
FR1A 	FR1B 	FR1D 	FR1G 	FR1J 	FR1K 	
FSM101 	FSM102 	FSM103 	FSM104 	FSM105 	FSM106 	FSM107 
RL101F 	RL102F 	RL103F 	RL104F 	RL105F 	RL106F 	RL107F 
RL101FG 	RL102FG 	RL103FG 	RL104FG 	RL105FG 	RL106FG 	RL107FG 
SM4933 	SM4934 	SM4935 	SM4936 	SM4937 		
FR151 	FR152 	FR153 	FR154 	FR155 	FR156 	FR157 
FR151G 	FR152G 	FR153G 	FR154G 	FR155G 	FR156G 	FR157G 
	BY296 	BY297 	BY298 			
FR201 	FR202 	FR203 	FR204 	FR205 	FR206 	FR207 
FR201G 	FR202G 	FR203G 	FR204G 	FR205G 	FR206G 	FR207G 
FR2A 	FR2B 	FR2D 	FR2G 	FR2J 	FR2K 	
	BY396 	BY397 	BY398 		BY399 	
FR301 	FR302 	FR303 	FR304 	FR305 	FR306 	FR307 
FR301G 	FR302G 	FR303G 	FR304G 	FR305G 	FR306G 	FR307G 
FR3A 	FR3B 	FR3D 	FR3G 	FR3J 	FR3K 	
FR601 	FR602 	FR603 	FR604 	FR605 	FR606 	FR607 
FR601G 	FR602G 	FR603G 	FR604G 	FR605G 	FR606G 	FR607G 
General Purpose Rectifiers
GL34A 	GL34B 	GL34D 	GL34G 	GL34J 	GL34K 	GL34M 
1A1 	1A2 	1A3 	1A4 	1A5 	1A6 	1A7 
1N4001 	1N4002 	1N4003 	1N4004 	1N4005 	1N4006 	1N4007 
1N4001A 	1N4002A 	1N4003A 	1N4004A 	1N4005A 	1N4006A 	1N4007A 
1N4001G 	1N4002G 	1N4003G 	1N4004G 	1N4005G 	1N4006G 	1N4007G 
M1 	M2 	M3 	M4 	M5 	M6 	M7 
RL101 	RL102 	RL103 	RL104 	RL105 	RL106 	RL107 
RL101G 	RL102G 	RL103G 	RL104G 	RL105G 	RL106G 	RL107G 
S1A 	S1B 	S1D 	S1G 	S1J 	S1K 	S1M 
SM4001 	SM4002 	SM4003 	SM4004 	SM4005 	SM4006 	SM4007 
1N5391 	1N5392 	1N5393 	1N5395 	1N5397 	1N5398 	1N5399 
1N5391G 	1N5392G 	1N5393G 	1N5395G 	1N5397G 	1N5398 	1N5399G 
SM5391 	SM5392 	SM5393 	SM5395 	SM5397 	SM5398 	SM5399 
RL201 	RL202 	RL203 	RL204 	RL205 	RL206 	RL207 
RL201G 	RL202G 	RL203G 	RL204G 	RL205G 	RL206G 	RL207G 
S2A 	S2B 	S2D 	S2G 	S2J 	S2K 	S2M 
RL251 	RL252 	RL253 	RL254 	RL255 	RL256 	RL257 
1N5400 	1N5401 	1N5402 	1N5404 	1N5406 	1N5407 	1N5408 
1N5400G 	1N5401G 	1N5402G 	1N5404G 	1N5406G 	1N5407G 	1N5408G 
S3A 	S3B 	S3D 	S3G 	S3J 	S3K 	S3M 
6A05 	6A1 	6A2 	6A4 	6A6 	6A8 	6A10 
6A05G 	6A1G 	6A2G 	6A4G 	6A6G 	6A8G 	6A10G 
6A05M 	6A1M 	6A2M 	6A4M 	6A6M 	6A8M 	6A10M 
P600A 	P600B 	P600D 	P600G 	P600J 	P600K 	P600M 
High Efficiency Rectifiers
1H1 	1H2 	1H3 	1H4 	1H5 	1H6 	1H7 	1H8 
HER101 	HER102 	HER103 	HER104 	HER105 	HER106 	HER107 	HER108 
HSM101 	HSM102 	HSM103 	HSM104 	HSM105 	HSM106 		
HER151 	HER152 	HER153 	HER154 	HER155 	HER156 	HER157 	HER158 
HER201 	HER202 	HER203 	HER204 	HER205 	HER206 	HER207 	HER208 
HER301 	HER302 	HER303 	HER304 	HER305 	HER306 	HER307 	HER308 
HER501 	HER502 	HER503 	HER504 	HER505 	HER506 	HER507 	HER508 
HER1601 	HER1602 	HER1603 	HER1604 	HER1605 			
HER3001 	HER3002 	HER3003 	HER3004 	HER3005 	
Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
LL42/LL43 DLM103C DLM103B DLM103A DLQ103C DLQ103B
DLQ103A LL103C LL103B LL103A SD103C SD103B SD103A
SM120M SM130M SM140M SM150M SM160M SS0520 SS0530
SS0540 1N5817 1N5818 1N5819 SR150 SR160 SR180 SR1100
1S2 1S3 1S4 1S5 1S6 1S8 1S10 SK12 SK13 SK14 SK15 SK16
SK18 SK110 SM5817 SM5818 SM5819 SM150 SM160 SM5817S 
SM5818S SM5819S SS12 SS13 SS14 SS15 SS16 SS18 SS110
SK22 	SK23 	SK24 	SK25 	SK26 	SK28 	SK210
SM220 	SM230 	SM240 	SM250 	SM260
SR220 	SR230 	SR240 	SR250 	SR260 	SR280 	SR2100
1N5820 	1N5821 	1N5822 	SR350 	SR360 	SR380 	SR3100
SK32 	SK33 	SK34 	SK35 	SK36 	SK38 	SK310
SM320 	SM330 	SM340 	SM350 	SM360
SD520 	SD530 	SD540 	SD550 	SD560 	SD580 	SD5100
SD520S 	SD530S 	SD540S 	SD550S 	SD560S 	SD580S 	SD5100S
SK52 	SK53 	SK54 	SK55 	SK56 	SK58 	SK510
SR520 	SR530 	SR540 	SR550 	SR560
SD820 	SD830 	SD840 	SD850 	SD860 	SD880 	SD8100
SD820D 	SD830D 	SD840D 	SD850D 	SD860D 	SD880D 	SD8100D
SD820S 	SD830S 	SD840S 	SD850S 	SD860S 	SD880S 	SD8100S
SR820 	SR830 	SR840 	SR850 	SR860
SD1020 	SD1030 	SD1040 	SD1050 	SD1060 	SD1080 	SD10100
SD1020D SD1030D SD1040D SD1050D SD1060D SD1080D SD10100D
SD1020S SD1030S SD1040S SD1050S SD1060S SD1080S SD10100S
SR1020 	SR1030 	SR1040 	SR1050 	SR1060
SD1620D SD1630D SD1640D SD1650D SD1660D SD1680D SD16100D
SR1620 	SR1630 	SR1640 	SR1650 	SR1660
SR2020 	SR2030 	SR2040 	SR2050 	SR2060 	SR2080 	SR20100
SR3020 	SR3030 	SR3040 	SR3050 	SR3060
SR5020 	SR5030 	SR5040 	SR5050 	SR5060
Super Fast Rectifiers
ER1A 	ER1B 	ER1C 	ER1D 	ER1E 	ER1G 	
ES1A 	ES1B 	ES1C 	ES1D 	ES1E 	ES1G 	
ESM101 	ESM102 	ESM103 	ESM104 	ESM105 	ESM106 	
SF11 	SF12 	SF13 	SF14 	SF15 	SF16 	SF18 
ER2A 	ER2B 	ER2C 	ER2D 	ER2E 	ER2G 	
SF21 	SF22 	SF23 	SF24 	SF25 	SF26 	SF28 
ER3A 	ER3B 	ER3C 	ER3D 	ER3E 	ER3G 	
SF31 	SF32 	SF33 	SF34 	SF35 	SF36 	SF38 
SF51 	SF52 	SF53 	SF54 	SF55 	SF56 	
SF81 	SF82 	SF83 	SF84 	SF85 	SF86 	
SF161 	SF162 	SF163 	SF164 	SF165 	SF166 	
SF301 	SF302 	SF303 	SF304 	
Ultra Fast Rectifiers
1U1 	1U2 	1U3 	1U4 	1U5 	1U6 	1U7 	1U8 
UF1A 	UF1B 	UF1D 		UF1G 	UF1J 	UF1K 	
UF4001 	UF4002 	UF4003 		UF4004 	UF4005 	UF4006 	UF4007 
US1A 	US1B 	US1D 		US1G 	US1J 	US1K 	
UF2A 	UF2B 	UF2D 		UF2G 	UF2J 	UF2K 	
UF3A 	UF3B 	UF3D 		UF3G 	UF3J 	UF3K 	
UF5400 	UF5401 	UF5402 		UF5404 	UF5406 	UF5407 	UF5408 
Zener Diodes
Transistor, SCR, IC
2N2955 2SA952 2N3055 2SB1426 2N3417 2SB507 2N3704 2SB562 2N3772	2SB564A	2N3773
2SB764 2N3904 2SB772 2N3906 2SB857 2N4124 2SC1213 2N4126 2SC1384 2N4401	2SC1623
2N4403	2SC1674	 2N5086	2SC1675	2N5087 2SC1815 2N5088 2SC1959 2N5089 2SC2001
2N5366	2SC2120	2N5401	2SC2228Y 2N5551	2SC2240	2N6388 2SC2482 2N6395 2SC2551
2N6396 2SC2878 2N6397 2SC3199 2N6398 2SC3953 2N6426 2SC4242 2N6427 2SC945 2N6517
2SD1159	2N6520 2SD1616A	2N6668 DY227 2N6718L 2SD313 2N7000 2SD468 2N7002 2SD471A
2SA1015	2SD667A	2SA1300	2SD879 2SA1538 2SD880 2SA673 2SD882 2SA733 2SD965 2SA812
BC182 2SA950  BC184 BC237  BU407 BC238	DCR03F BC307  DCR06F BC308  DCR03B BC309
DCR03D BC327 DCR06D BC328 D44H11 BC337 D45H11 BC338 1563P BC546	1563S BC547 2584
BC548 2585  BC549 DA431A  BC556	DM431A	BC557 DA431B  BC558 DM431B BC559 DI7805A
BC635 DJ7805A BC807 DA78L05 BC808 DE7805 BC817 DI7805 BC818 DJ7805 BC846 DM78L05
BC847 DI7806A BC848 DJ7806A BC849 DA78L06 BC856	DE7806 BC857 DI7806 BC858 DJ7806
BC859 DM78L06  BCW65C DI7808A  BCX70 DJ7808A  BCX71 DA78L08  BD437 DE7808  BD438
DI7808 BF422 DJ7808  BF423 DM78L08 XL1225  DI7809A BU406 DJ7809A  DA78L09 DE7912
DE7809	DI7912	DI7809	DJ7912 DJ7809  DM79L12	DM78L09	 2SC3669 DI7812A  DC8050
DJ7812A	DC8050S	DA78L12	DC8550 DE7812 DC8550S DI7812 AD825 DJ7812 AD826	 DM78L12
BF4522D	 DE7815	 TIP122D DE7818	 DC9011	 DE7824	DC9012	DT78M05A  DC9013 DT78M05
DC9014 DT78M06A	DC9015	DT78M06	DC9016 DT78M08A	 DC9018	DT78M08	I10387	DT78M09A
I1109 DT78M09 I1538  DT78M12A I1609 DT78M12  I3669 DT78M15A I3953  DT78M15 I649A
DT78M24A I667A	DT78M24	I669A  DI7905A I6718  DJ7905A I772  DA79L05 I882  DE7905
J10387	DI7905 J1109  DJ7905 J1538  DM79L05 J1609  DI7912A J2584  DJ7912A J3669
DA79L12	J3953 J649A  2SB1109S J6668 2SB772S  J667A 2SB857D J669A  2SC3953S J6718
SC5094 J772  2SD1609S J882  2SD879D LB120A  2SD882S LB121I  TIP112T LB121J  T666
LB122I TIP50D LB122J  TL294D LB122T TL294I  LB123D TL294J LB123I  TL294MD LB123T
TL294MI	 LB124E	 TL294MJ LB125E	 TL294MT  DXTA1300 TL294T  DXTB1426  TL295D M28S
TL295I DXTC3669	 TL295J	DXTB772	 TL295T	DXTB772A  IRF630 DXTD879  IRF640 DXTD882
IRF730 DXTA92M IRF740 DXTD965 IRF830 DMBT8050 IRF840 DMBT8550 DM78L05A MJE13003D
DA78L05A  ML1225 DM78L06A  MML1225 DA78L06A  MPSA42M DM78L08A  MPSA44D DA78L08A
MPSA92M	DM78L09A MXL1225 DA78L09A  2SA1300D DM78L12A 2SA1538S DA78L12A	DM79L05A
MJD127 DA79L05A	MID13003 DM79L12A  MJD13003 DA79L12A MJD200 393P  MID210 34063AS
MJD210 34063AP MJD2955	DE7805A	MID3055	DE7806A	 MJD3055 DE7808A MID31C	 DE7809A
MJD31C	DE7812A	 MID32C	DE7815A	 MJD32C	 DE7818A MID340	 DE7824A  MJD340 DE7905A
MID350 DE7912A MJD350 DCR100-4	MID41C DCR100-6	MJD41C DCR100-8	 MID42C	DCR106-3
MJD42C DCR106-4	MID44H11 DCR106-6  MJD44H11 DCR106-8 MID45H11 DCR506-3	MJD45H11
DCR506-4 MJD47 DCR506-6	MID50  DCR506-8	MJD50 DCR72-3 MJE13003	DCR72-4	MJE13005
DCR72-6	 MJE13007  DCR72-8  MJE2955T  MID112  MJE3055T	MJD112	DMBT1015  MID117
DMBT1815  MJD117  DMBT2222  MID122  DMBT2222A  MJD122  DMBT2369	 MID127	DMBT2484
DMBT2907  DMBTH10 DMBT2907A  MPS650 DMBT3904  MPS651 DMBT3906  MPS6562 DMBT4124
MPS751	DMBT4125  MPS8099  DMBT4401  MPS8599  DMBT4403	MPSA05	DMBT5086  MPSA06
DMBT5087 MPSA13	DMBT5088 MPSA14	DMBT5089 MPSA18	DMBT5401 MPSA26	DMBT5550  MPSA27
DMBT5551 MPSA28	DMBT6427 MPSA42	DMBT6429 MPSA43	DMBT6517 MPSA44	DMBT6520  MPSA45
DMBT8099 MPSA55	DMBT8599 MPSA56	DMBT9011 MPSA64	DMBT9012 MPSA92	DMBT9013  MPSA93
DMBT9014  MPSA94  DMBT9015  MPSH10 DMBT9018  DCR150-4  DMBTA05	DCR150-6 DMBTA06
DCR150-8 DMBTA13 DCR06C	 DMBTA14 PH2369	DMBTA42	 PN2222	DMBTA43	PN2222A	 DMBTA44
DXT3019	DXT3904	 DXT3906 DXT4033  DXT5401 DXT5551  DXT6718 DXTA13  DXTA14 DXTA27
DXTA42 DXTA44  DXTA64 DXTA92  DXTA94 31002P  TIP102 TIP105  TIP107 TIP112 TIP117
TIP122 TIP125 TIP127 TIP29C TIP31C TIP32C TIP41C TIP42C	TIP47 TIP49 TIP50  TL145
TL194 TL195 DN431 DM431	DA431 3842P 3842S
equivalent table
BD675D BD238D BD237D BC109 BC108 BC107 2SD882D 2SD669AD
2SD1609D 2SC3417D 2SC2682D 2SB772D 2SB649AD 2SB1109D 2N6718D 
2N3053 BD677D BD678D